Smart Parts Vibe: Innovation On Paint Ball Gun

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Smart parts vibe paint ball gun is a smart buy as it has great quality with a great price. It gives you the option of using both CO2 and compressed air as a propellant. These guns are quite durable and very soft with a low 180psi operating pressure and hence are quite safe. It is an entry level paintball gun and has become quite popular because of its extra ordinary performance. Lot of people are opting on upgrading their spyder clone line of paintball guns as there are more durable and low in cost which make it a more attractive option.

There are different models of these guns available in the market and it comes in excellent design with impressive blades and grip to hold. This gun works with low force belt which reduces the number of chops making it safer than others. This smart parts vibe paint ball gun works in three modes i.e. automatic modes, semi automatic and 3-round burst mode making it fast and multipurpose.

The use of Smart parts vibe is easy to understand and even entry level players can very easily and quickly learn to move around. Being a very durable product this gun requires very low maintenance.

Since it has both the option of having CO2 or compressed air propellant it has made it more unique. Now you do not have to worry about the liquid CO2 coming out of the paintball guns as the new technology used has made it very secure. It protects the liquid CO2 from oozing out. Its weight is 1 lb. 11 oz, length is 8.75 in, operating pressure-180 psi, gas source is HPA or CO2, Anti chop system is low force bolt, pivot is stainless steel pinball detent is of dual rubber. It has three firing modes that are fully automatic, semi automatic and 3-round. It has coating of non brittle paint.

The gun weight 1 lb. 11 oz, length is 8.75 in, operating pressure-180 psi, gas source is HPA or CO2, Anti chop system is low force bolt, pivot is stainless steel and the pinball detent is made of dual rubber. The grip is strong, handy and is coated with non brittle paint.

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The routine maintenance required is very little. Just keep the nozzle of the gun clean and keep it lubricated for smooth functioning. The batteries should be always kept charged and should be checked at regular interval time which is ideally every alternative day. Dismantling and putting together all the parts again is quite easy and with regular practice it becomes less time taking.

These smart parts vibe are available in some selected stores. But you can even find them through some online sites. Browse through the search engine using the right keyword and you will come across companies and vendors offering a wide variety of paint ball guns. You will even have a choice among different designs, models of these guns at much cheaper prize. Some vendors also offer discounted prices and free doorstep delivery of these guns which will surely help you to save some money and time. Thus instead of running around stores searching for the right one you can easily do online shopping for the paintball gun.

Smart parts vibe gun is more durable, easy to use and fast and hence is becoming very popular choice of many people. Enjoy the game having the best paintball gun with all the latest features. 
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